Bookipet Privacy Policy

Protecting Users' personal information is important to us. We carefully monitor the safety and security of data that is collected by using Bookipet Services. Without the collection of personal data, Bookipet will not be able to provide Users with its Services. After reviewing this Privacy Policy, you will learn the data collected by Bookipet and the purposes they are used.

1. General information

The Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) is compiled by Ltd. "BHM SERVICE” (EDPNOU 42603020, Legal address: 39617, Poltava region, Horishni Plavni, Dmytrivka village, Kazachy lane, house 2. Actual address: 39600, Poltava region, Kremenchug, Vadim Pugachev street, 8D) (hereinafter “Bookipet”, “Administration”) for Bookipet’s Users. The policy establishes: the procedure, collection, storage, processing, using and protection of personal data (hereinafter - the "Data") of Users - bookipet.com.

Bookipet has the right to change the Privacy Policy. After the changes are made, Users will receive a notification to the email address specified during registration.

The Policy applies to Services owned by Bookipet and / or Bookipet’s affiliates. Using the Bookipet’s Services, the User accepts this Policy. The User permits to collect, use and / or disclose information referring to this Agreement. The user confirms that Bookipet has the right to perform the actions described in the Policy.

Bookipet has the right to perform any actions with User data. Including, but not limited to: collect, record, register, accumulate, store, adapt, modify, update, use, distribute, block, refine and / or modify data.

Personal data can be used: first and last name, email address, phone number, region, device data (computer, browser and operating system), and contents of correspondence with other Users or the Administration, and other Personal data that the User provides when registering and / or filling out the Personal Account.

Using the Bookipet Services, the User confirms — capacity and ability to act in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. The User agrees to the processing of Personal Data, according to the conditions specified in the Policy. If the User is a minor, he confirms that consent to this Policy was provided by the parents or proxies who have — civil legal capacity and the right to give such consent in the framework of the current legislation of Ukraine.

The User agrees to provide Personal data — voluntarily. The User understands that in order to use the Bookipet Services, there must be provided the Personal data specified in the Policy.

Bookipet takes responsibility for the protection of Users' personal data. This Policy indicates the rules and reasons why User Data is collected and / or used. The Rules of the Policy are applied to all personal data of Users collected on Bookipet.

The User acknowledges and understands that Bookipet is not responsible if, through the fault of the User, third parties gained access to his Data and caused damage.

If the User does not agree with the rules of this Policy, he must stop using Bookipet and its Services.

2. Data Collection

To use the Services and the full functionality of Bookipet, some data is collected automatically, and some data is provided by the Users on their own. Additional information may be collected in a telephone conversation.

Automatically collected:

  • data from devices that Users use to access Bookipet Services: IP-address, date and time of visit, information about software, information about the browser, information about the operating system, information about the type and model of device, individual device identifiers;
  • Users actions when using the Bookipet functionality;
  • Users information about the geolocation.

Data provided voluntarily by Users:

  • first and last name, patronymic, date of birth, gender, series and passport number, photographs, contact numbers, data confirming the status of the Seller, information about the company’s authorized identity, company names, company details, company location addresses, other user contact details;
  • data for the Account: phone number, email, login, password and other data that is necessary for the User to communicate with the Administration;
  • data in drawing up the contract for services (offers);
  • information for communication with other Users, and the ability to confirm an order between the User and the Seller;
  • information based on completing surveys and created to improve the functionality and / or Bookipet Services;
  • information written in reviews, comments, complaints, payments, appeals to the support service.

If the User does not agree with the Policy or its individual provisions, personal data shall not be provided - by any means of communication.

After deletion, a copy of the Users' information can be stored on the Bookipet server. Users' information is copied to restore it in case of software errors, natural disaster or other reasons.

3. Using of Collected Data

Using the information gathered, Bookipet will:

  • follow the requirements of applicable law;
  • register and identify Users and Sellers;
  • notify Users about updating Services and new offers;
  • provide users with full access to functionality;
  • receive feedback from Users and improve their Services;
  • contact the Users to provide the best Service;
  • process payments, conduct settlement transactions, provide reports, keep accounting and management records, create bonus programs;
  • analyze user activity, manage traffic;
  • help users if they have problems using the Services.

  • By accepting the Policy and providing Personal data, the User agrees to their processing and transfer.

    4. Disclosure and transmission of collected Data

    Bookipet can transfer the collected data of Users: to third parties, partners and affiliates. Bookipet is responsible for the data collected and forwarded in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Except if it is determined that Bookipet will not be responsible for a specific violation.

    Bookipet can open User activity statistics to demonstrate the effectiveness of the platform. At the same time, User data that have commercial secrets will not be disclosed.

    Bookipet has the right to transmit the collected Data to public service authorities. This will help the Administration in: preventing fraud, resolving disputes that may violate and / or violate applicable law, identifying illegal User actions, receiving claims, complaints and appeals from third parties.

    The User agrees that in the event of: restructuring, selling of his assets, acquisitioning or bankrupting, Bookipet may sell and / or transfer assets, taking into account the Users Data. Before transmitting Data, Bookipet will notify Users.

    5. Modification or deletion of Data

    The User has the right to disclose the information specified in this Policy. The user can at any time: change and / or delete personal information from Bookipet, refuse notifications and reject the agreement on the processing of Data. The User can do these actions in the Profile settings, or send a message to e-mail — support@bookipet.com.

    After receiving of the message, Bookipet will stop processing and delete the User data. Except in situations where data processing is necessary in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. The User understands that access to some Bookipet Services will be closed after changing / deleting the Data.

    6. Using of cookies and pixel tag

    Bookipet can process User Data using cookies and a pixel tag.

    Cookies are text files that are stored in the browser that the User uses. They store data about the previous actions of the User when using the Bookipet functionality. The user can control cookies in the browser settings, prohibit or allow their use.

    Pixel tag is a single-pixel image that is added to a piece of code. The Pixel tag is used to: identify the User, collect comprehensive information about page views, determine the number of downloads and track User actions when using Bookipet.

    7. Links to other sites

    Bookipet can post links to other sources. By following these links, the User understands that the Privacy Policy of other sources may contain - other conditions and requirements. Bookipet is not responsible for the Privacy Policies of other resources.

    8. Data Protection and Storage

    Bookipet takes the necessary: ​​technical, organizational, legal measures to protect Data. Bookipet carefully protects Data from: theft, loss, illegal use, unauthorized access, changes.

    The Administration monitors compliance with protection standards:

    • signing a non-disclosure agreement with employees, partners and external companies;
    • restricting employees access to the collected Data, except for those who use the Data for customer service;
    • saving the Data in encrypted form on secure servers.

    Despite all the precautions, the User understands that Bookipet does not protect the collected Data — completely.

    Bookipet can store and use the collected Data for the implementation of the purposes specified in this Policy. The user information storage period is 5 years from the moment of his last interaction with the Bookipet functionality.

    9. Push-notifications

    Push-notifications — short messages that Bookipet sends to Users in browsers and mobile applications. Using push notifications, Bookipet will notify Users of innovations, updates and offers from partners and / or third parties. By filling out the form upon registration, the User automatically agrees that Bookipet can send him Push-notifications.

    10. Additional terms

    Bookipet reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. After the changes, the User will receive a notification email about the changes indicated at registration. If the User does not agree with the changes, interacting with Bookipet must be immediately stopped.

    If some provisions of this Policy or their individual clauses violate the current legislation of Ukraine or are invalid, this does not affect other provisions of the Policy. They remain valid and continue to operate fully.

    Contact Bookipet

    If you have any questions, write to support@bookipet.com