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This User Agreement document describes the relationship between Ltd. "BHM SERVICE” (EDPNOU 42603020, Legal address: 39617, Poltava region, Horishni Plavni, Dmytrivka village, Kazachy lane, house 2. Actual address: 39600, Poltava region, Kremenchug, Vadim Pugachev street, 8D) (“Bookipet”) and the Internet user (“User”), using the platform - bookipet.com (“Bookipet”), on the specified conditions in the User Agreement. Having gained access to using the Bookipet functionality (“Bookipet”), the Internet user (“User”) unreservedly accepts this User Agreement.

Bookipet User Agreement can be changed at any time - without notifying the User. Innovations take effect immediately after posting on Bookipet. The Internet user (the “User”) is obliged to monitor changes to the User Agreement. Using Bookipet after changes to the User Agreement means the complete consent of the Internet user ("User") with the application of new provisions and rules to his data.

1. Terms and definitions

The terms specified in this User Agreement mean:

JSC Bookipet — Joint-stock company “Bookipet” (indicate registration number).

Bookipet is an Internet platform that provides the interaction of the Seller and the Buyer through electronic communication channels. It consists of intellectual property contained in the information system: databases, interface, graphic design, content, photos and user data.

User — is a specific person who uses Internet resources, including Bookipet, to solve his tasks and needs.

User agreement – is an actual agreement, governs the conditions for registration and use of the platform’s functionality and determines the using by Users of the platform—provided services.

Services — are features of the platform functionality: attendance and services available to Bookipet Users.

Product — is a service or goods that users post on Bookipet.

Announcement — is publication created by Bookipet users of a product offer which includes contact information, photos, description and price.

Merchant — is a user who places an Ad on Bookipet.

Credentials — e-mail and password created by the User during registration on Bookipet. The User can change the Credentials in the Personal Account after successful registration on Bookipet.

Personal Account – is a personal page of a registered User on Bookipet. In the settings of the Personal Account, the User can manage the Bookipet Services, connect or disconnect them, depending on the functionality of Bookipet.

Registration – prerequisites that User must fulfill in order to register on Bookipet. Registering, the User provides personal information by filling in the required fields in the registration form. The data entered by the User is displayed in his Personal Account and allows to use Bookipet Services.

Information – is Users notification related to the use of Bookipet.

2. Register at Bookipet

2.1. After registration, the User can post ads and use Bookipet Services. Registering on Bookipet, the User independently indicates his Credentials. After checking the data, the letter with the hyperlink will be sent to the specified e-mail of the User. By clicking on the link the User will confirm the registration on the Platform. You can register an account at one email address. User’s re-registering to a previously registered mail is not possible.

2.2. For the security of Credentials, the User should not transfer them to the third parties. The user has the right to transfer Credentials only to those persons who will act in his personal interests.

2.3. The committed actions from the User’s Personal Account with his Credentials are considered to be accomplished - by the User or an authorized third party. The User is responsible for actions that violate: actual User Agreement, the legislative requirements for the Goods - information about which is reflected on Bookipet.

2.4. The User must change the Credentials if they become available to non-interested third parties, or after Bookipet’s warning.

2.5. Bookipet can verify the accuracy of the information of the User who uses the platform. Bookipet does not guarantee that the User identity and posted information are valid. Bookipet recommends that Users use the platform’s functionality to communicate with Sellers and Buyers. The User must choose the Seller carefully. If the deal was not successful due to the fault of the Seller, the User must inform Bookipet.

2.6. Bookipet has the right:

  • to block the User’s access to the Personal Account;
  • to delete Ads posted by the User;
  • to block access to the use of Bookipet Services;
  • to block the account irrevocably.

2.7. Viewing information on Bookipet does not require registration or authorization, but this does not eliminate compliance with the terms of the User Agreement.

3. Access to Bookipet Services

3.1. Bookipet User can use the available Services, under the terms of this User Agreement. Bookipet may establish additional conditions for the use of individual Services. Bookipet has the right to: supplement or add new features to the functionality, change the terms of use and access of the User to the Services.

3.2. Bookipet services are free for Users, if the cost for their use is not indicated.

3.3. Bookipet does not arrange deals between the Seller, the Buyer or interested third party. Bookipet allows Sellers to place ads independently. The seller must understand the possible risks in relation to the Goods, making a deal with an unfamiliar circle of people. The Buyer independently selects the offers of Sellers posted on Bookipet. The buyer must understand the possible risks when making a deal with the Seller. All deals between Users are concluded without the participation of Bookipet.

3.4. Using the Bookipet, including viewing the information posted, means the User agrees to the User Agreement. The User undertakes to follow the rules for using Bookipet (even if not registered).

3.5. By agreeing to this Bookipet User Agreement, the User confirms compliance with the necessary rights and authorities for the conclusion of the User Agreement, even if the User is an adult or minor person, but recognized by decision of a special body as competent or have reached the age of 14 years, having obtained legal written permission from parents or legal representatives. Bookipet has the right to demand from the User documents confirming person’s above powers and rights.

3.6. Bookipet services can be changed without prior notification to the User. Bookipet has the right to remove the provided Services, or certain functions of the platform, for all Users without notifications.

4. Information for Users

4.1. Using Bookipet, the User must provide reliable Information. The user is personally responsible for the information provided by him. The user is obliged to edit the posted information - making it relevant. The user must provide documents or information at the request of Bookipet, for:

  • verification of the User who uses Bookiopet Services;
  • verification of the accuracy of the specified Information;
  • verification of the legality of the using / offering the Goods;
  • verification of the connection of the User with the Goods specified in the announcement.

4.2. Bookipet protects Users personal data from unauthorized using. Using the Bookipet Services, the User voluntarily provides and makes publicly available his personal data: first and last name, nickname, email, location, mobile phone, information in messages with other Bookipet Users, information about his actions on Bookipet, etc. - to fulfill the User Agreement.

4.3. The User agrees on transferring (including the territory of other countries that protect the data of the subject) and the processing of his personal data - Bookipet and its affiliates. Information posted by Users will allow:

  • to be familiarized by other Users;
  • to support Bookipet Users with advice;
  • to check the authenticity of the Ads posted by Users;
  • to send messages to other Users;
  • to receive statistics and analytics for better functioning of Bookipet;
  • to receive Users informational or advertising messages from Bookipet;
  • to expand Users access to the use of Bookipet functionality;
  • to warn about illegal actions of Users or the third parties;
  • to comply with the applicable laws of Ukraine.

4.4. The User places information on Bookipet for personal interests, for the sale of goods or services. By placing an advertisement on Bookipet, the User makes the information public and accessible to all Bookipet visitors, regardless of the country. The user understands the possible risks (sending spam — messages to e-mail, hacking e-mail by scammers, SMS — spam to a mobile phone, etc.) after placing the information in the public domain.

4.5. Bookipet must not verify any Information posted by Users. Bookipet has the right to delete or refuse to the User in posting Information.

4.6. The User agrees with a proper assessment of possible risks when posting and / or disseminating any Information.

Bookipet does not consult the Users on issues that are not related to the use of platform functionality. The appeal of the User to Bookipet is considered in the prescribed manner. Communication between Bookipet and the User passes through the specified user - email or mobile phone.

4.7. Bookipet has the right not to respond to requests from Users who:

  • provide false information or documents;
  • do not have credibility;
  • are repeated appeals, after a preliminary response;
  • contain insults or threats.

5. Users Obligations

5.1. The User is obliged to act within the framework of the current legislation of Ukraine and actual Bookipet User Agreement. The User is fully responsible for the actions, using the Bookipet Services.

5.2. Available Bookipet Services should be used by the User as intended. The User is not allowed to use the Services for personal purposes, in violation of the law.

5.3. Bookipet has the right to check Advertisements, messages of Buyers sent to Sellers, using software tools to verify the applying of the Services by Users, in compliance with the User Agreement. Having discovered violations or received complaints from the third parties, Bookipet has the right to block the User from access to the Platform Services and the Personal Account.

5.4. Bookipet has the right to block Ads or User Accounts - temporarily or permanently, depending on the number of violations committed by the User contrary to this User Agreement or other Bookipet rules. Bookipet can unblock User data if the User corrects the violations.

5.5. Without the written permission of Bookipet the User is not allowed:

  • to use programs to get Bookipet resources;
  • to extract, copy and distribute - manually or programmatically, materials and information posted on Bookipet;
  • to use programs to automatically view or place ads;
  • to copy, modify and distribute any information posted on Bookipet, except for the information of the User;
  • to disrupt or stop the operation of automatic processes and systems to block and restrict Bookipet access.

5.6. Bookipet has the right to block the IP addresses of Users who tried to violate the User Agreement or to damage the platform by DDoS or other hacker attacks.

5.7. The User can apply the unique identifiers (characters) to access individual Bookipet Services - Account, Ads, Goods, etc.

5.8. The User agrees that Bookipet is not responsible for the placement of advertising information on the platform by the third parties.

5.9. The User is not allowed to use the data of other Users - without the permission of the User who posted his data on Bookipet. Information received by the User from other Bookipet Users can be used only for deals with the Goods. The User does not have the right to use - e-mail and / or phone number of other Users, without their agreement. For security, Bookipet restricts access to certain contact information of other Users. All the rights to use User Information are limited to the User Agreement.

5.10. Bookipet does not take part in situations if the User has a complaint to the Seller - related to the using of the Services or the ads put forth by the Seller. The user must find them with the Seller independently.

5.11. The User understands that Bookipet does not always control the information, which is published by other Users. The User is aware that other Users may impersonate other people. The User accepts possible risks and agrees that Bookipet is not responsible for the actions of other Users.

5.12. The User must carefully select the Seller. Having independently verified that the Announcement published by the Seller is valid and legal - the User is personally responsible for the deals.

6. Information exchange on Bookipet

6.1. Published messages from Bookipet are posted for all Users and / or sent to their email. Messages are considered to be delivered to the Users immediately after publication.

6.2. The User understands and agrees that the messages sent can be advertising or informational and contain sub-messages of Bookipet counterparties.

6.3. The User can communicate the seller using the proposed contact form - chat. The User understands and agrees that the correspondence with another User in the Bookipet chat is not personal. Bookipet has the right at any time to view the contents of the correspondence. Bookipet does not guarantee that the User will receive a response to the message sent to the Seller.

6.4. By registering on Bookipet, the User agrees that Bookipet has the right to send an e-mail or phone: text and / or voice messages, including calls from other Users about the Product or the conclusion of a deal, advertising and / or informational messages from Bookipet partners.

7. Responsibility

7.1. In accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, the User is responsible for:

  • the actions on Bookipet;
  • the content of the information posted on Bookipet;
  • the violation of the rights in relation to the Goods and / or information posted on Bookipet by the third parties.

7.2. The User is responsible for the choice of Sellers and deals made with them on Bookipet. Bookipet is not a participant and / or intermediary in deals between Users.

7.3. Bookipet enables Sellers to place Advertisements and sell Goods that comply with the law and the User Agreement. Bookipet does not check all advertisements displayed by Users. Bookipet is not responsible for:

  • the conformity of the Goods to their description in the Announcement, which are posted by Sellers;
  • the content of information published by Sellers;
  • the using by Sellers of trademarks or logos;
  • the terms of the offer from the Seller.

7.4. Bookipet is not associated with any information posted by Users. Bookipet is not required to verify the content and authenticity of the posted information and the compliance with legal requirements. Bookipet is not required to verify the rights of Users to distribute and use posted information.

7.5. Bookipet is not responsible for the distortion or loss of Users information when using Bookipet chat.

7.6. Bookipet does not guarantee that the Services provided to Users will work continuously and without errors.

7.7. Bookipet is not responsible for losses incurred by the User in connection with the prevention of violations on Bookipet by blocking or restricting the IP address of the User to access the use of Bookipet.

7.8. The User accepts and agrees that the messages sent by the User in the Bookipet chat can be used by the third parties. Bookipet is not responsible for the control and using by other Users: sent messages or phone numbers posted by the User on Bookipet.

7.9. Bookipet is not responsible for the accuracy of the Seller’s email address and phone number.

7.10. The User can add links to other sites to his Information. Bookipet does not check the content of these sites and is not responsible for the consequences after their applying by other Users.

8. Intellectual rights

8.1. Bookipet’s exclusive rights such as logo, trademark, database and all technical developments - belong to Bookipet.

8.2. The User is not allowed to use Bookipet in the ways which are not provided for in the actual User Agreement.

8.3. The exclusive intellectual property rights included in the Information provided by the Users make them the copyright holders of their Information.

8.4. The User provide the Bookipet the right to use and transfer to the third parties the Information: photographs, description of the Goods, trademarks, contact details, logos and other things, during the entire term of the exclusive right. Appling the User Information will allow Bookipet to function better and fulfill actual User Agreement. The User permits the use of Information without specifying the author. Information provided by the User shall not violate the rights of the third parties.

9. Validity

9.1. This User Agreement becomes effective immediately after the use of the Bookipet Services by the User. Regardless of the User’s registration on Bookipet, the User Agreement is valid unlimited.

9.2. The User has the right to remove access to the Personal Account, without the possibility of data recovery. After deleting the data, the User cannot re-register on Bookipet using an already registered e-mail.

9.3. At the discretion Bookipet has the right in blocking access to use the Bookipet Services or Personal Account if the User has violated the terms of the actual User Agreement. The blocked User does not have the right to create a new account without the permission of Bookipet.

9.4. The User does not have the right to use the Credentials of another User to access the Bookipet.

10. Current legislation

10.1. Disagreements arising under this User Agreement will be resolved by the current legislation of Ukraine.

10.2. Due to the gratuitous use of Bookipet Services within the framework of this User Agreement, the rules on consumer protection provided by the legislation of Ukraine cannot be applicable to the relationship between - the User and Bookipet.

10.3. This User Agreement was made in Russian. The User can familiarize with User Agreement in another language. If there are disagreements between the Russian-language version and another version of the User Agreement, the conditions are considered valid in Russian-language version of the User Agreement.

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