Pet checking on Bookipet

Helps to make sure that the pet you want to buy matches the information shown in the ad

Pet checking on Bookipet

How it works

You order a pet check.
The dog handler checks the pet's photos, videos and documents. Verification period is 1—2 days.
Writes a verification report.
You receive a notification from Bookipet that the report is ready.
You translate 25 hryvnia — Bookipet will send a report to you by mail.
You decide whether to buy a pet or not.

How the pet is checked

Pets are checked on Bookipet by Taras, a dog handler with 10 years of experience in dog breeding.


We request photos and check that the pet displayed in the ad is really the seller.

Pet documents

We check the availability and originality of the veterinary passport, puppy card or kitten's metric, brand and chip.

Pet Veterinary Information

We check the service according to age: whether deworming and vaccinations have been done.

Parents' documents

We check the presence of a breeding certificate and pedigree.

  • A pedigree is a certificate of the origin of an animal: its official document. The pedigree contains information about three or more generations of ancestors, on the paternal and maternal lines of the dog. Therefore, the pedigree confirms that the animal is thoroughbred.
  • Breeding certificate - allows the animal to be bred. For the certificate to be issued, the breeder and his pet must participate in several certificate shows, and receive an "excellent" mark from two judges. Then go through a breeding examination in the association, having received the rating "recommended for breeding" - also from two judges. Only then is the breeding certificate issued. It works for a year.


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