Smart dogs

All dogs are smart in their own way. There are simply breeds with independent personalities: their representatives understand what people want from them, but are not in a hurry to perform the command. That is why they need to be trained, and it affected their origination.

The level of dog`s intelligence is defined by two criteria: how it understands, and how it preforms the command. This method was created by a dog psychologist Stanley Koren. Later, he published a book called The Intelligence of Dogs. Bookipet refers to the book, forming the categories of smart dogs. 

In the book, Koren identified 3 types of dog intelligence:
  1. Instinctive — dog`s ability to perform actions its breed was developed for.
  2. Adaptive — the skill of the pet to make decisions only by itself.
  3. Working — the ability of the dog to learn something new. 
Dogs with a great ability to learn something new. It takes them less that 5 repeats to remember a new command. They perform commands immediately, with a 95% probability.
Dogs with a low ability to be trained. They need 80—100 repeats to remember something new. They perform commands immediately, with a 25% probability.
If you don't know which breed to choose — take the test on the selection of the breed, and carefully read its description in the Bookipet catalog.