The best dogs

It was hard to make up such category, while each breed has its own standards of appearance, purpose and history. Because of it, everybody chooses the best breed for himself. Some people like small pets, others prefer larger animals. Someone might choose the dog judging by its level of intelligence, and someone pays attention to its serving skills. You might look for a guarding helper, while someone is allergic to pets and needs a hypoallergenic animal

We made up the category of «Best dogs», judging by how popular the breed is all around the world. If it is popular worldwide, it means people generally like it. It does not matter what criteria define that — appearance, personality, intelligence or others. The most important thing is that these animals live close by people in different countries. 
If you don't know which breed to choose — take the test on the selection of the breed, and carefully read its description in the Bookipet catalog.