The group of Shepherds is believed to be the most intelligent one. Initially, representatives of this breed were developed for helping herdsmen: they grazed cattle and protected it from predators. Later, these dogs started being used for service: they rescued people, assisted in catching criminals, and helped to guard the territory. Nowadays, Shepherds are used both for service and for the herding work.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of different varieties of Shepherds, all of them are united by such characteristics:
  1. Intelligence and ability to learn.
  2. Adaptation to new conditions.
  3. Ability to work well with people.
  4. Ability to evaluate the situation and make the right decision.

Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) categorizes all Shepherds as «Herding» dogs. This group includes 46 breeds. However, there are some popular breeds of Shepherds that are not accepted by FCI. The most popular example is the East-European Shepherd. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog and the Central Asian Shepherd Dog are classified as the Molossian group by the FCI. 
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