Hypoallergenic dogs

If a person is allergic to animals, all breeds might cause an allergic reaction — even hairless pets. It is important to understand that an allergy develops not because of the hair. Allergy is a reaction of the body to external irritants: dust, pollen, drugs, food, and others. Hair only accumulates them on itself.

In case with animals, allergy is caused by drops of urine or saliva, secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands and dandruff. However, there are dogs that are physiologically neat. They are called hypoallergenic. They are either hairless, or do not have an undercoat. They do not secrete saliva too. These pets can be given a bath at least once a week. However, even it does not guarantee that people who are prone to allergies will not face this problem. Only when some time after purchasing a hypoallergenic dog passes, it will become clear if it causes an allergy or not. This fact should be considered before purchasing a dog.
If you don't know which breed to choose — take the test on the selection of the breed, and carefully read its description in the Bookipet catalog.