Hunting dogs

There is a lot of hunting breeds — more than 100. For centuries, people have been using them for different purposes: catching birds and hunting wild animals. However, all of them have similar characteristics — they are active pets that like investigating everything around, as well as serving people. Most breeds have not been used for hunting for a long time. Instead of that, they have become family companions. It is important to realize that even a hunting dog needs to be trained, and its hunter instincts have to be developed. 
The most popular group among hunting dogs. They were developed for chasing prey by its trail: these pets run and bark until the animal gets tired or gets killed by the hunter. These pets are fast, persistent, enduring and obedient. They can hunt either in a pack or alone.
Are used for hunting wild animals — foxes, hares, wolves, ungulates and other animals — without rifles. These pets are fast and enduring: thanks to having long legs, they can run with the speed up to 90 km/hours and see the prey from far away. Just like Hounds, Greyhounds can hunt either in a pack or alone.
Are Dachshunds and Terriers. They were developed for hunting tunneling animals: badgers, foxes and other rodents. These pets are fast, dexterous and enduring. Unlike other hunting animals, Burrowing dogs are less sensitive to pain: they can fight the prey even if they get wounded. Nowadays, Burrowing dogs are not used for hunting that often. They are more like family companions.
Are descendants of Hounds. They are used for gun hunting game: geese, pheasants, black grouses, ducks, partridges, quails and other birds. Having noticed game, these dogs start standing frozen, waiting for their owner`s command. Then, they run, so that the prey flies out of bushes and gets shot. If the game got killed — Pointing dogs look for it in bushes and bring it to the hunter. The sense of smelling is much more developed in Pointing dogs than in other Hunting dogs.
Are used for hunting game, just like representatives of Pointing dogs. A Pointing dog feels the prey and gets it out of bushes, and a Retriever finds and brings the shot animal without damaging its body. These dogs can swim and dive even in cold water.
Just like Pointing dogs, are used for gun hunting game. Their task is to make the prey move closer to the rifle. However, unlike Pointing dogs, Spaniels do not get frozen in one position, and can hunt running and wild game. These pets are enduring and pliable: they swim well and run fast even thorough thickets, as well as understand commands. Spaniels present well-developed sense of smell.
Is a universal subgroup of hunting dogs. They are used for hunting different animals: from bears to game. Having noticed the prey, Huskies start barking loudly, trying to catch it before the hunter comes. If the animal runs away — a Husky dog will be following it until the prey gets exhausted. Huskies demonstrate well-developed sense of smell, speed, stamina and voice.
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