York chocolate cat

A young breed that appeared as a result of a random breeding. It it an affectionate cat that does not behave intrusively.

Energy level
Level of affection
Level of friendliness
female: 4—6 kg
male: 5—8 kg
female: 22—24 cm
male: 23—26 cm
requires little time
Gives birth to
Gives birth to:
2—4 kitten
United States
in 1983
Life span
Life span:
13—15 years


York Chocolate cats are smart and curious. They enjoy showing attention towards people. These pets will follow their owners, trying to help them with house chores. A favourite place for rest of these cats is owner`s knees. Meanwhile, York Chocolate cats are unobtrusive. They can understand voice intonation and mood of people very well. It is not recommended to leave these cats alone for a long time. 

York Chocolate cats can get on well with other animals. Showing aggression is not about them. On contrary, they will hide and avoid socialization. York Chocolate cats need time to get used to a new friend. After the pet understands that nothing threatens it, it will start socializing. However, hunting instincts of these cats need to be taken into consideration. It is not recommended to keep decorative pets with a York Chocolate cat. 

York Chocolate cats are energetic. The more games are there in their lives, the better it is. These cats like playing with moving toys. A York Chocolate cat will become a playful friend, that will never bite or scratch, to a small kid.


York Chocolate cats are of medium and large sizes. Some males might weight up to 10 kg. Their body is strong and muscular, with smooth lines. The chest is full and rounded.
Of medium length, feels soft and silky. The undercoat is present. There is a fluffy ruff on the chest. 
Only chocolate-brown or lavender. Combinations of 2 coat colors are acceptable.
Of medium size, wedge-shaped, proportional to body length. 
Big, almond-shaped, wide-set, slightly leaning towards the nose. Color: golden, green, or hazel. Their combinations are acceptable.
Big and pointy, slightly leaning forward.
Long and thin.
Long and muscular, hind legs are longer than front ones.
Long and bushy. It is wide at the base, gets thinner down to the pointy tip.

Basic Care

York Chocolate cats do not require much time to be groomed. Their long hair needs to be brushed once a week. During the molting period — in spring and fall — twice a week, using a massage brush. Then pet your cat with wet hands to take off left hairs.

These cats need to be given a bath only if they got dirty with something that cannot be licked off. Earwax gets accumulated in pet`s ears, that is why they need to be cleaned every 10 days. Their teeth should be cleaned once in 2 weeks, using a special paste and a brush that can be put on a finger. Clean cat`s eyes from mucus when needed. You should also buy a claw-point for your pet.

York Chocolate cats are not picky in what they eat. They can be fed with either high-quality dry feed or natural food. It is important to control the amount of calcium in cat`s diet and to add vitamins and minerals. These pets are large, and their body needs a lot of energy. Such natural ingredients can be given to the cat: not greasy meat — chicken or beef; fat free dairy products — cottage cheese, sour cream and kefir; grains and boiled vegetables. Give your cat a raw chicken egg once a week.

A York Chocolate cat needs street walks for comfortable life. You can take it outside 2–3 times a week. For your cat not to run away, walk it on a leash.

Health and Illnesses

York Chocolate cats can live up to 15 years if treated well. They originated from farmers`cats and inherited strong health. This breed does not present any hereditary health problems. However, because of large size, their skeletal muscles and joints take much time to get formed — until the cat turns 2 years old.

Adult cats are prone to hip dysplasia. This disorder disrupts joint functioning and causes much pain when the pet moves. Development of the disease leads to serious problems with musculoskeletal system. It is a rare disease that is diagnosed in 5–6% of occasions.

History of the Breed

The first York Chocolate cat was born in 1983. An American lady named Janet Chifari kept Siamese cats in her farm. Her black-and-white Siamese cat Blacky gave birth to kittens from a black longhair male cat called Smoky. One of the born kittens had coat of a brown color. It was a female that was called Browny.

Next summer, one of Browny`s newborn kittens had a dark-brown undercoat. It was named Minky. Having noticed this genetic regularity, Janet decided to crossbreed Browny and Minky. As a result, a kitten with a solid brown coat, called Teddy, was born. That is how the new breed — the York Chocolate cat — was developed.

In 1990, Janet`s cats went through genetic examinations, and the breed was officially recognized. Until 1995, these cats became champions of CFF and CCA.