Siamese cat

One of the most ancient and popular breeds in the world. It is a loyal and jealous pet.

Energy level
Level of affection
Level of friendliness
female: 3—4 kg
male: 4—6 kg
female: 23 cm
male: 25 cm
requires little time
Gives birth to
Gives birth to:
4—8 kittens
in 15 century
Life span
Life span:
15—20 years


Siamese cats are affectionate and proud pets. They get very attached to people, do not get easily through loneliness and being away from the owner . Siamese cats cannot be left alone for a long time. That is why this breed is not for busy people.

Siamese cats like socialization. With loud meowing and expressive eyes, they share their emotions and feelings. These pets are very sensitive to shouting and rudeness towards them. If you shout too much at a Siamese cat, it might fall into depression. 

Because of being quite jealous, these cats do not get on well with other pets. If a conflict arises, a Siamese cat will be the first to attack. That is why it is not recommended to have any more pets for families who already keep a Siamese cat. Siamese cats do not like playing with kids. They react aggressively if they are treated in a bad way. That is why it is not recommended to let children under the age of 7 play with cats of this breed. 

If you pay enough attention to Siamese cats, they can be trained. They respond to basic commands: give a paw, bring a favourite toy and react to comments. The most important thing is not to shout and not to force Siamese cats do anything. For having successfully completed a command, praise your cat.


Siamese cats are of small size. Their body is long and thin. Maximum weight is 6 kg.
Short, of thin structure. The undercoat is absent.
The most common are: seal point, chocolate point, blue point and lilac point. Less common colors include: tabby, red point, creamy point, point with tortoiseshell patches. 
Wedge-shaped, gets longer down to the nose.
Big and crossed. Their shape reminds of an almond. They are light-blue. 
Very big, Wide at the base, triangular in shape.
Long and muscular.
Long and thin. 

Basic Care

Siamese cats do not need much time to be groomed. Their hair does not need to be brushed every day. Because these pets are very neat, it is enough to brush them only once a week. They should not be given a bath very often. 

Water washes away their subcutaneous fat. Because of that, the immune system of a cat gets weaker. The frequency of how often eyes and ears need to be cleaned with cotton pads depends on how quickly they get dirty. It is important to pay much attention to teeth. They need to be brushed with a special paste and a toothbrush that is put on the finger. You can buy bones or toys for your cat to chew on. If its teeth have got darker, it is a sign that tartar appeared.

Siamese cats can be fed with either premium quality feed or natural ingredients. From natural food, they can be given: not greasy boiled meat — beef, chicken and liver. It is important to alternate boiled meat with fish. Eating too much meat damages hair structure and makes it darker. From grains, rice and oatmeal can be given. It is essential to add vitamins to cat`s diet, but only after you have consulted a vet.

Siamese cats like walks. They can be taken outside, but not for too long. Siamese cats cannot stand durable coldness because the breed was developed in the tropical climate.

Health and Illnesses

Siamese cats can live up to 15 years if treated well. They inherited strong health from ancestors. However, just like other breeds, Siamese cats are prone to some hereditary health issues.

The most serious one is amyloidosis. It is a dysfunction of protein metabolism in the body. As a result: liver does not function well, heart enlarges in size and mammary tumors form. The problem is that there is no cure for this disease. Diagnosing it at an early stage can only slow down its development. 

Less common health issues include: gingivitis, tartar and asthma. It is important to take your cat to a vet regularly and get it vaccinated from rabies and helminths in time.

History of the Breed

A Siamese cat was first mentioned in the 14th century on the territory of modern Thailand. In those times, ancestors of this breed were called «royal cats of Siam». They were considered to be saint and lived in temples with local monks. 

In the 19th century, a German scientist and encyclopedist Peter Simon Pallas was first to describe cats he saw while travelling in Central Asia. That is how Europe found out about Siamese cats. In 1872, Siamese cats were brought to England. The breed participated in a show in Crystal Palace. Because of having an unusual appearance, Siamese cats caught much attention of public and experts. However, nobody thought about developing the breed. 

In 1878, David Sickels gave a Siamese kitten to President Rutherford and his wife Lucy. Twenty years later, this breed became very popular in the USA. In 1884, a German diplomat Owen Gould brought two Siamese kittens — a girl named Mia, and a boy called Fo — for his sister. One year later, their Siamese heir became a champion. In 1892, the first standard for the breed was registered in Great Britain.

Now, Siamese cat is one of the most popular breeds in the world. These cats became pets of such celebrities: founder of the group «Pink Floyd» — Sid Barrett; owner of two Oscar awards — Vivien Leigh; members of «The Beatles» — John Lennon and actor Gary Oldman.